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Field Hockey

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Collegiate Field Hockey

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Montclair State University

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This year Montclair State Field Hockey had a phenomenal season with an overall record of 17-3, allowing them to be ranked 6th out of all division 3 collegiated teams in the United States.  This made the team Montclair's most winningest sports program in school history.  The team never lost a game on their home field which was a goal they set for themselves early on in the season.  The team ended their season with a loss in the second round of the NCAA tournament to a school from New York (William Smith) 2-1.  This also marked only the second time Montclair State's program has made it to this level. 

When did Field Hockey originate?
Field Hockey was invented in 1895 with the establishment of the first All England Women’s Field Hockey Association. In 1901, an English woman named Constance Appleby introduced the game to women in the United States while a summer student at Harvard. Appleby went on to teach the game at women’s colleges throughout the Northeast. It was not until 1928 that men began playing the game in the United States.

That's Me! (Alexandria Kelly)
Montclair State #10

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Below is a list of Field Hockey Conferences and Associations that apply to Montclair State University's program.


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